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Degree Apprenticeships

Degree apprenticeships have become a strong contender to traditional university degrees, and is an excellent choice for starting or developing your career with leading organisations across the country. 

Blending academic excellence with exceptional vocational training, the degree apprenticeships give you invaluable on-the-job training. The industry-led curriculum and cutting-edge highly personalised delivery provides the perfect platform for your career to thrive.



For employers

Competition for highly skilled early careers talent has never been higher. Fewer young people are entering the labour market equipped to solve skill shortages that impact business performance. We partner with employers to deliver exceptional degree apprenticeships that build in-demand skills for new and current employees with high potential.

For students

Degree apprenticeships have become a strong contender to traditional university degrees. It gives you a headstart on your career and invaluable on-the-job learning. The industry-led curriculum and cutting-edge, highly personalised delivery provides the perfect platform for your career to thrive.

Applied learning for real world working

Academic excellence and exceptional work-based learning

The degree apprenticeships blend academic excellence with exceptional work-based learning to create a unique degree experience that fits seamlessly into the day-to-day of work.

Building from the highly praised Corndel methodology and delivery model, we provide immediate measurable impact for students and employers. 



Build skills that matter

Our exclusive focus on professional disciplines most in-demand by employers with integration of core business skills will enable you to kickstart or progress your career.

Designed for success

Our cutting-edge delivery model puts you firmly in control of your learning. This style of flexible, bite-sized, interactive and applied learning blends the practical and theoretical to equip you with the skills you need to ignite your career. It fits seamlessly into the day-to-day of work.

Professional development experts

A highly personalised degree experience delivered by industry and professional development experts (PDEs). Through unparalleled levels of one-to-one teaching, they help you apply academic challenges and theory to professional practice.

Professional network for life

The CCL network will enable you to learn, develop and thrive for life. Our graduates will remain part of the CCL network, gaining opportunities, insights and the ability to continue your development, stay on top of trends and connect to a peer network.

People who start their careers as an apprentice will generally stay longer and gain invaluable knowledge of different aspects of the organisation as they progress.

Social mobility commission, Apprenticeships that work for all, October 2021

Our programmes

Funded by your employer, the degree apprenticeships integrate academic study seamlessly into the day-to-day of work. They are exclusively focused on professional disciplines most in-demand and designed with leading employers, equipping you with all the skills needed to make your mark.

Chartered Manager 

BSc (Hons) Applied Business Management

The Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship in Applied Business Management is designed to build in-demand skills, knowledge and behaviours that current and aspiring managers need to thrive. 

The programme is suitable across a range of professional roles, and blends the essential management and professional skills that will make you an effective leader with measurable impact. We also integrate in-demand digital and data skills to enable you to embrace new technology and use it effectively.

Digital & Technology Solutions Professional 

BSc (Hons) Digital & Technology Solutions

The Digital & Technology Solutions Professional Degree Apprenticeship (Data Analyst) is designed to build highly sought-after digital and data skills that will enable you to deliver digital innovation within your organisation. 

The programme is suitable for current and aspiring tech professionals looking to build their career helping organisations meet digital demand and deliver impact through technology. We also integrate in-demand core business skills to enable you to be an effective leader within your organisation.


Who is it for?

Build your career with a degree apprenticeship

This is an opportunity for any school leaver, graduate or current employee with a desire to get ahead. The degree apprenticeships will enable you to enter into a high-skilled career with some of the country’s leading organisations, aligning theory with practice whilst you are developing in your role. If you are a current employee who are looking to progress within your organisation, this is an opportunity to put building blocks into place to make you invaluable to your employer.

School partnerships

We partner with schools across the country to educate their students about the opportunities that degree apprenticeships bring. We eliminate preconceived notions and outline how this is a powerful direct career pathway that should be considered in equal measure to traditional university courses. 

If you would like us to visit your school to discuss degree apprenticeships with your leadership, career counsellors, parents or students directly, please contact us on  

Parents guide

Degree apprenticeships are increasingly becoming a highly attractive proposition for school leavers and a way for leading employers to recruit new talent into their organisation. The uptake of degree apprentices grew by 74% year on year in 2020/21, and is expected to increase further as many students turned their backs on top universities during this year’s A Level results in favour of attractive degree apprenticeships. It is an excellent route to a career, allowing your child to immerse themselves in the working world whilst gaining an accredited degree and invaluable work experience. When your child chooses this direct career pathway and joins one of our degree programmes, we will be with them every step of the way to enable them to thrive in their roles.

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