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Data-driven decision-making webinar

Earlier this month our Director of Digital Curriculum, Gareth Day, was joined by Dave Warder, Head of Data, Insights and Analytics UK&I to discuss data-driven decision-making and the important of data collection and analysis to make informed decisions. The webinar session was facilitated by our Academic Lead for Data, Dominic Hunt. 

In the session it was highlighted how data could be used to make decisions and how measuring outcomes could help organisations optimise their performance. Participants also gained insights into the best practices for data-driven decision-making, including interpreting and presenting data to stakeholders.

This webinar was a must-attend event for those who wanted to learn how to make more effective decisions based on data. They didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to gain valuable insights and knowledge from our expert panel. They were encouraged to register early to secure their spot.

Watch on-demand here

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