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Corndel College London (CCL) Business Summit: Unlocking the Future of Business - Navigating the AI Revolution

CCL’s Inaugural Business Summit

On Thursday, February 29, 2024, we hosted the CCL Business Summit at 30 Euston Square, welcoming 88 of our learners from diverse backgrounds, many of them at the beginning of their professional careers.

The summit was a dynamic day of professional development for our students, designed to foster connections, enhance business-critical skills and gain invaluable and inspiring insights from industry leaders. The summit focused on navigating the AI revolution in the workplace, specifically the seismic impact AI has made and is poised to make across all industries and sectors.

The learners who attended are all enrolled in one of our following programmes: The Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship, which hones essential management and professional skills necessary for success in the future workforce while integrating in-demand digital and data skills to meet organisational needs, and the Digital & Technology Solutions Professional (Data Analyst) Degree Apprenticeship, a top-tier digital and technology course aimed at developing highly sought-after digital and data skills, catering to the growing demand for technical expertise in the field.

Pivotal moments from our Business Summit

The summit included keynote speeches, fireside chats, workshops and a Q&A featuring Justin Cooke, Anita Chandraker, Rob Mettler, and an AI called Claudia. In their workshops, students explored the challenges and opportunities AI brings to boost productivity, innovation, and growth within organisations. They also unpacked AI's effect on job roles and responsibilities, ethical considerations, and its potential to increase efficiency and embed new capabilities to enhance the business and its services. Closing remarks by James Kelly were followed by an evening of networking and connection.

Justin Cooke, CCL’s Non-Executive Director, delivered an insightful keynote address on the transformative impact of AI across industries and sectors. Drawing from his over 25 years of experience in marketing, technology, and education, Justin provided invaluable insights into how AI reshapes the work landscape and the skills needed to thrive in this evolving environment.

Anita Chandraker, CCL’s Chair, with over 30 years of experience as a senior leader at PA Consulting, led the panel discussion. Her expertise in strategic technology and digital initiatives and her advocacy for innovation in education enriched our discussion on preparing students for the future workforce. 

The enthusiasm, energy, and positive feedback that filled the room are a testament to the value and impact our learners receive from CCL programmes. Learners, many of whom met their coaches in person for the first time, unanimously praised the support they received as CCL students. 

Corndel College London (CCL) is shaping the future of business and industry

Our team at CCL meticulously curated the Business Summit to offer an unparalleled, in-person learning experience that mirrors the vibrancy and engagement of university life. The summit equips students with the knowledge, skills, and behaviours essential for success in a rapidly changing business landscape.

We aim to align higher education with industry needs and innovation to effectively fill the UK's skills gaps by offering degree apprenticeship programmes designed by industry, delivering measurable impact for employers and students alike.



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